Professional Quilting

Thank you for visiting our site. I provide quilting services to a wide range of quilters. From beginners to competitive level experts. One of the most common questions I receive is regarding pricing. The truth is, pricing for long arm quilting can be very difficult.  Every quilt and its purpose are different and unique.

I have outlined some basic pricing groups below to help give you an estimate of cost.  I am happy to work within your budget to achieve your quilting vision.
Pricing is also available on a case by case basis for projects with special consideration.

Dragger = 2 cents per square inch – This is large all over meander quilting.  It is the most basic of quilting services designed to hold together those beloved quilts that will be dragged through the play room or dragged off to college.  Most appropriate for busy fabrics and designs, optimize drape-ability.
For example, a 60” x 60” quilt = 3600 square inches’ x .02 = $72.

Keepsake = Pricing starts at 5 cents per square inch – More detailed custom freehand meanders and limited “Stich in the Ditch” or computerized quilting.
For example, a 60” x 60” quilt would start at $180.8

Heirloom = Pricing starts at 7 ½ cents per square inch – This quilting is intended more for display rather than heavy usage.  Denser quilting adds body and would include some ruler work, detailed stitching around applique, stitch in the ditch, custom freehand and computerized detail work.
For example, a 60”x60” quilt would start at $270.*

Showstopper = Pricing starts at 15 cents per square inch – This quilting hangs on the wall, and is as much about the quilting as it is about the quilt!  This includes a high level of detailed quilting, micro fillers, ruler work and a lot of time spent on every single little detail that makes the viewers say, “WOW!”
For example, a 60”x60” quilt would start at $540.*

Competition- By Consultation Only – This quilting is museum quality.

* The pricing listed above are for example only, as design specifics and requirements increase, so do the cost.

**Minimum charge for any project is $50